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Welcome to Office Direct's Dictation Equipment home page. This is your one stop shop for all of your dictation equipment needs. Office Direct, Inc. started as a Dictation Equipment Dealer and it is still our specialty. As one of the largest Dictation Dealers in the country we sell and have access to almost every type of dictation machine or tape recorder made. To help you further we also offer a full spectrum of accessories for this equipment. Thanks again for shopping at

Brands of Dictation Equipment Sold:


Micro Cassette
Dictation Equipment

Grundig Micro Cassette Machines

Sony Micro Cassette Machines

Dictaphone Micro Cassette Machines

Mini Cassette
Dictation Equipment

Philips Mini Machines
Standard Cassette
Dictation Equipment

Sony Standard Machines
Digital Dictation Equipment

Digital Dictation Product Demonstration

Olympus Digital Recorders

Philips Digital Recorders and Systems

Sony Digital Recorders

Dictation Headsets

Transcription Headsets
Dictation Accessories

Dictation Cassette Tapes

Olympus Dictation Accessories

Philips Dictation Accessories

Sanyo Dictation Accessories

Panasonic Dictation Accessories

Lanier Dictation Accessories



Dictation Cassette Tapes

Dictation Cassette Tapes
Out of Production
Dictation Machines

Dictaphone Micro Machines

Dictaphone Dictation  Accessories

Dictaphone Digital Recorders

Lanier Micro Machines

Sanyo Micro Machines

Panasonic Micro Machines

Conference Recording Equipment

Lanier/MedQuist Conference Recorders





Call In Dictation Systems

DigiTelCall In System
Philips Call In System

NCH Digital Call In System

What's New and What's Hot!

Office Direct, Inc. is a full line office equipment dealer.  Although our focus is on Dictation Equipment and Fax Equipment we service and sell most other types of Office Equipment, including Shredders, Computers and Printers.

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