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Whether you’re recording emergency calls or financial transactions, the Advocate V will document every word. The Lanier Healthcare Advocate V Recording System is engineered to exceed the specific demands of today’s communication environment. The Advocate V system is not simply redesigned or modified recording equipment, but rather a creative result of Lanier Healthcare’s extensive research effort to tailor a logging system to meet the needs of the communications industry. The Advocate V System is a multi-channel, continuous recording system designed for courtrooms, legal proceedings and business and professional conferences. The Advocate V uses a unique four-track recording process, placing each input on a separate track for ease of understanding in playback and transcription. It records up to six hours on standard cassettes and offers a choice of three recording modes. Sequential mode records on one tape at a time, automatically switching as each tape nears its end. Dual mode records on both tapes simultaneously, and duplicate mode makes copies of tapes while retaining the unique four-track format.

  • Six-hour recording. The Advocate V can accurately record and document four separate conversations on a single standard cassette. Also, the system has a recording capacity of six hours unattended without having to change a tape. The Advocate V, designed with a dual deck configuration, allows simultaneous recording and playback from a single unit. This means operators can rewind to a previously recorded conversation while still recording on the other deck.

  • Operating modes provide flexibility. The Advocate V is unique in that it can be operated in three different modes: sequential, dual and copy. The simultaneous mode ensures continuous, uninterrupted recording. As you approach the end of your first tape, the automatic change over function provides a three-minute record overlap with the second cassette. The dual mode records both tapes simultaneously so one deck can act as a scratch pad for instant playback without interrupting the master recording on the other side. For those rare cases when you wish to make a copy of a cassette, the copy mode allows the Advocate to precisely reproduce all four channels and make an exact duplicate of the recording on the other deck.

  • Security key. Because the security and integrity of recordings is so vital today, Lanier Healthcare has developed a three-position security key, which allows continuous recording, yet prevents access or the capability to stop recording in the secure mode. In the off mode, all functions are disabled and cassettes can not be ejected from the system.

  • Easy-to-use design. The Advocate 5 allows either desktop or rack mounting (fully compatible with 19" rack mounting) and all operational controls are located on the front panel that makes the system extremely easy for operators to use. The system is fully portable and requires minimal space and set-up time.

  • Durable. The Advocate product line has proven its durability through years of dependable service. If your organization requires continuous recording of proceedings or meetings, the Advocate V is designed to handle your needs.

Whether you need to record four channels or more, Lanier Healthcare has a system to meet your needs:

  • Dual action recorder – Up to six continuous hours of recording

  • Automatic change over – Ensures complete documentation

  • No erase head – Prevents unintended erasure

  • Pre-recorded tape sensor – Prevents recording over previous information

  • Record level indicators – Ensures proper record audio level

  • Three position security/cassette lock – Ensures cassettes are undisturbed

  • Four-channel recording – Allows separation of voice tracks for more accurate transcripts

  • Back-up power supply – Preserves LED display in case of power outage

  • Optional transcriber

With the Advocate V’s continuous recording capability, you can focus your efforts on your job instead of spending valuable time monitoring the system. With crisp clear recordings, the Advocate V documents your meeting or proceeding minutes for future review and reference.

Lanier Advocate V Court/Conference Recorder
Code: LAN-164-1210
Price: $2475.00
Description: The premier court conference recorder. Records on all 4 tracks of a tape. Has ability to microphones on to 4 tracks so no audio is lost.
  Lanier Microphone Kit for Advocate V
Price: $460.00
Description: Comes with 2 Omni-Directional (164-2103) mics, 2 Uni-Directional (164-2113) mics, 4 microphone stands (164-2122) and 4 twenty-five foot microphone extenstion cables (164-9215)
ODI's Extended 2 year Warranty on Lanier Conference Equipment Price - $200.00
(Extends your warranty to 24 months from date of purchase) to view warranty agreement click here

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